Respiratory Failure

16/05/2013 by admin | Respiratory

Respiratory Failure:

PaO2 <8kPa (60mmHg).. and..

PaCO2 <6kPa (low) = Type 1 RF

  1. o Seen in:
  2. o Hypoventilation (arterial-alveloar PO2 difference >2.5kPa)
    1. o PAO2 = PIO2 – PACO2/R
    2. o Starts as Type 1 RF, but over time maintain low O2, but start to retain CO2 – progress to Type 2 RF.
  3. o Diffusion impairment
  4. o Shunting


PaCO2 >6kPa (normal/high) = Type 2 RF

  1. o Ventilation/Perfusion Inequality (VPI):
    1. o Lung apex: high O2 (120mmHg), low CO2 therefore high VA/Q ratio = LOW FLOW SYSTEM
    2. o Lung base: low O2 (40mmHg), high CO2 therefore low VA/Q ratio = HIGH FLOW SYSTEM 
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