Optic neuritis

16/08/2014 by admin | Ophthalmology

Definition: is the inflammation of the optic nerve that may cause a complete or partial loss of vision.

Classification / type of disease:


  • Young adults ranging from 18–45 years of age, with a mean age of 30–35 years.
  • Strong female predominance.
  • The annual incidence is approximately 5/100,000, with a prevalence estimated to be 115/100,000

Presenting symptoms / signs:

  • Sudden loss of vision (partial or complete), or sudden blurred or “foggy” vision
  • Pain on movement of the affected eye.
  • Loss of some color vision in the affected eye (especially red)

Diagnostic investigations:presence of demyelination on MRI




Treatment / management:

  • In most cases, visual functions return to near normal within eight to ten weeks, but they may also advance to a complete and permanent state of visual loss.
  • Use systemic intravenous treatment with corticosteroids, which may quicken the healing of the optic nerve
  • Paradoxically, oral corticosteroids may worsen and increase frequency of attacks. 
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