Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN)

  1. MEN processes are very rare conditions in which a single gene defect causes multiple endocrine tumours within the patient.
  2. MEN syndromes most commonly present with disorders of calcium metabolism
  3. Probands and their families need to be screened regularly for new malignancies.
  4. MEN 1: parathyroid hyperplasia 95%, pituitary adenoma 70%, pancreatic islet cell tumour 40%, adrenal and thyroid adenomas, mutation in a recessive oncogene on C11q13 – encoding menin
  5. MEN 2a: medullary thyroid cancer , parathyroid hyperplasia, phaechromocytoma 70% bilateral
  6. MEN 2b: has a marfanoid habitus with mucosal neuromas. Dominant oncogene on C10 (ret proto-oncogene). 
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