• Cardiac Cancers

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    Neoplastic heart disease

    1. Primary cardiac tumours
    2. Extremely rare.
    3. Increased risk of emboli/DVT/PE in neoplastic patients!



    1. 25% of primary cardiac tumours.
    2. Presentation at any age but mostly in adults
    3. 75% occur in left atrium.
    4. Can be polyploid or pedunculated masses, arising from undifferentiated connective tissue in the subendocardial layer.
    5. If pedunculated, the tumour mass may have limited movement within the heart chamber, sufficient to periodically occlude cardiac output.
    6. 50% patients show signs of mitral valve disease
    7. Masses can fragment and produce emboli



    1. Usually occur in interatrial septum
    2. Well circumscribed, poorly encapsulated adipose tissue


    Papillary fibroelastoma

    1. Filamentous projections found in right sided valve in children and left sided valves in adults.
    2. Composed of connective tissue with smooth muscle and fibroblasts.



    1. Occur in neonates causing stillbirth or death in the first few days of life.
    2. Often multiple and arise from cardiac muscle.
    3. Strand in the cytoplasm radiating out of the nucleus = spider cells 
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