• About the Site

    Hi and Welcome to MyMedicalStudentNotes.com

    On my website, I am currently uploading all of my medical revision and study notes for you to use.

    I have recently completed my training as a graduate entry doctor in the United Kingdom and I know from experience it is extremely hard work. Sometimes having a bit of extra help can make a huge difference.

    On MyMedicalStudentNotes.com I have separated all of the key domains on medicine (i.e. cardiology) into disease-specific chapters. Each of which, is further sub-divided into definition, epidemiology, presentation, aetiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis. Whilst these notes are not word-perfect or edited for grammar – they are complete, thorough and 100% free! So please, take a look around and make the most of these notes.

    I suppose my ambition is to go a step further than just share my medical notes; it’s to provide you with a point of contact and help you along in each step of training. So please, if you have any questions or just want a friendly chat about being a student or a career in medicine, please contact me and I will do my best to help.

    Best wishes

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